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5 Minutes To New Ideas is a podcast for the creative mind with a short attention span. Each episode will challenge you to create ideas by asking unique, funny & sometimes crazy questions.

With this short-format show of 5 minutes, you can spend more time innovating and less time listening.

The shows host, Phil McKinney, is an award winning innovator whose technologies and products are used by 100's of millions of people everyday. He is the host of the award winning podcast, Killer Innovations, and author of the aware winning book, Beyond The Obvious.

This show is produced and distributed by The Innovators Network.


Apr 8, 2018

With any radical idea you will see the corporate antibodies come out of the woodwork, giving all the standard reasons why the idea will “never happen.” Remember, the fundamental assumption of the corporate antibody is that the future will be the same as today.

Your customers are going to change. It’s that simple. Don’t let others’ hesitation keep you from pursuing the changes you and your company will need to make to be ready for the unavoidable changes in your customer.